Private Dentures at Sandy Lane Dental Practice

At Sandy Lane Dental Practice we provide a full private denture service. Whether you require partial or full dentures we can help. Our in-practice Clinical Denture Technician will design and create beautifully handcrafted dentures made just for you.

Full Denture Service

Buying a set of dentures is an important purchase, one of the most common complaints from denture wearers is movement which can cause irritation and even affect their confidence.

Investing in a quality, bespoke set of dentures is certainly money well spent and can improve both the way you look and the way you feel. We can provide a full denture service which includes the design and fitting of your dentures to ensure comfort and stability.

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At Sandy Lane Dental Practice we have our own Clinical Dental Technician to make your denture journey a positive experience whilst achieving outstanding results.

Like a dental technician, a clinical dental technician can make dentures in a laboratory but they are also qualified to work directly with patients and specialise in both the fitting and manufacture of dentures.

There’s a real advantage for the patient in dealing directly with the person who will be crafting their dentures. Patients are fully involved from initial consultation to the development and fitting of their dentures.

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What makes us different?

Our Clinical Denture Technician

Andrew Corlett (CDT, RCS (Eng)) is a fully qualified, registered and insured clinical dental technician with 20 years experience. Andrew will consider every patient’s anatomy and will examine, assess, and create bespoke solutions for missing teeth. Andrew can also provide partial dentures to the prescription of a dentist.

To construct aesthetically pleasing dentures that are comfortable and that function like real teeth is a challenge. Andrew will focus on comfort, fit and appearance of your dentures, giving you your smile and your confidence back.

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The initial steps to creating an individual pair begins with a set of impressions taken of the gums after tooth extraction. From these, dentures can be fabricated precisely to the underlying gum. Typically, patients who choose to have a traditional denture in this situation have to rely on an adhesive or pastes to keep the teeth in place throughout the day.

Patients who have experienced total tooth loss can be treated by a Clinical Dental Technician directly. If you need partial dentures, you have dental implants or some of your own natural teeth remaining, you will first be seen by a Dentist.

We offer a relaxed and informal consultation to discuss your circumstances, and your wishes, so that we can assess the best course of treatment.

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Be happy with your dentures!

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Whether you require complete or partial dentures, flexible or implant dentures, repairs, adjustments, cleaning or relining then our friendly, professional staff are ready to meet all your denture needs.

Contact us today and discover how dentures can replace your missing teeth and restore your smile!

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