We have experience in treating nervous patients

At Sandy Lane Dental Practice we want to reassure even the most nervous of patients. You may have had a bad experience or just have a dental phobia but our friendly team are here to help. We will spend time getting to know you, understand your worries and hopefully reassure you.

We are here to help

We regularly treat anxious patients and understand dental phobia is very common.
Whatever your dental fears or concerns, we are here to help and will do all we can to make you feel calmer and more relaxed during your treatment.

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It can be a vicious cycle

A fear of the dentist often delays treatment which in turn can worsen oral health if left too long. No one should be so worried that they avoid vital dental care.

The first step is to talk to someone who can help. We are happy to discuss treatment options with you and determine the best course of action.

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Denplan is a private monthly payment plan that is an easy way of keeping up the great habit of regular check-ups with your dentist, so you'll always get expert advice about keeping your teeth in great condition and avoid any surprises.

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